Pizza Time

Now expanding to Primal and Chaos DCs

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Online Ordering (Alpha)

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1. How do I order pizza?
On materia data centre, check if the store is open on party finder then shoot me a /tell from it. From then on, you tell me your order and location and I will do my best to make my way to that place. Once I have arrived, I will open a trade menu where the pizza and gil is traded simultaneously.
2. It wont let me respond to you using /tell.
This is because you may be cross-world from me in which case you should use /reply.
3. I did not immediately get a response.
I shall do my best to respond but there may be multiple orders coming in simultaneously and I may not be able to immediately respond, don't worry as I probably have read your message and cannot respond. If on the off chance I don't see your message, don't be afraid to shoot me another /tell.
4. I would like an unusual/unorthodox order that involves [something]
Sure, I'm happy to do it for you, why not?
5. Do you know about the twitter/pc gamer article?
Yup, I'm pretty amazed it got to that point.
6. Can I work with you?
Although the current amount of orders don't justify hiring another person for pizzas, this may change in the future and I'm always looking up new ways to shake up the game and discover new modalities of innovation, especially when housing comes out. If you have any suggestions or want a collaboration or anything else, feel free to shoot me a message.
7. How do I contact you?
Discord Catharsis#0001

Meet the team

Materia (OCE) (Flagship)

Catharsis Katahiro (CEO of Pizza)

Some dumb Miqo'te had the dumb idea back in 5.4 to make a pizza delivery service in Eorzea. Well pizza wasn't in Eorzea at that point so she went to stop playing until 6.05 where she levelled culinarian and learned the existence of pizza. Now an expert(ish) delivery person and chief (this was misspelled unintentionally but im gonna leave it in), she travels the whole flat world delivering pizzas to those who request it. Even if someone decides to order it from on top of Kugane tower.Life is like a pizza. It can be a shitty microwavable pizza that makes you sad, or a quality oven cooked pizza made by someone with a moustache.

Swilly Mac

One day you gotta work on your side hustle, one person can only do so many things. To that end I have recruited the person to help me do many things, Swilly Mac. A veteran from the pizza wars, they had fought against the tyranny of Pizza The Hut and lived to tell the tale. They then thwarted a plot in Ul'dah at Pepperoni Plaza, where a bunch of East Ala Mhigan terrorists attempted to steal a bunch of bearer bonds from the syndicate during the starlight celebration.Whoa, you can turn off the profanity filter in this game?

Chibi Aneki

I was walking one day when I got attacked by a pack of lalafells, all hungry for kids meals. Before I knew it, all my pizzas disappeared from in inventory. For some reason, I decided to blame Krille and the students of baldesion but we needed an army, someone on the inside to help feed us intel, that was Chibi Aneki, a fun sized pizza delivery person to help us win in this war against the students of baldesion.Come bring the usual to the usual place

Vermund Solaris

Please listen to "Spiderman 2 Pizza Theme" whilst you read this bio*.

bows Hello, I am pizza delivery popoto.
Ping me, and I'll prepare you a delicious meal. dotes
Start by ordering a PIZZA.
Add in an extra bubble tea, the OG garlic bread, anything really.
I will make sure it's cooked to perfection, thin, crispy, thicccc, cursedpizza.exe or extra cheeeesy.
And that boba be 0% sugar, 100% tapoica pearls, if that cursed combination is your thing.
My little legs will sprint to you puff puff to make sure you receive a lovely meal.
Wherever you are in EORZEA , this popoto will come to you!
puff I MADE IT!
Hope you enjoy your meal!!!
Lemme know if you need me to shorten it (I intentionally left this in)I listened to that cursed pizza song for a good 2 hours
Was it worth it? Yes

Chaos (EU)

Deci Whitehawk

Good old Catharsis could not be everywhere at once, much to her dismay. After setting up online orders (alpha) someone had sent an order from phoenix which was on EU, she enlisted the help of someone to make that delivery, that person was Deci who decided to get in on the pizza delivery business. Deci takes the role of franchise owner on EU and essentially upgrades Catharsis to the CEO of Pizza.DELIVERY SERVICE RP
I'm actually laughing my ass of wanting to do this.

Paper Ereshkigal

Here at pizza time labs, creating the best pizzas in the lab, we attempted to make paper into a pizza. Something went wrong and the paper turned into a person, shit happens I guess. We now own the world's first paper person to deliver pizzas. Just as Estinien predicted long ago in 1.0A piece of paper here to deliver your pizza

Light (EU)

Deci Whitehawk (afk)

Deci's clone for operation deliver to phoenixWTF do we use for garlic bread and boba tea?

Primal (NA)

Tenkay Shijou

After getting cancelled on twitter, they have a redemption arc to restore their reputation. Named Tenkay after the amount it costs for one pizza (10k gil) they are cursed to roam the Etheirys, delivering pizzas to all.


Crystal (NA)

Cemi'a Duskstep

They sent me some stuff regarding a bio, it had something to do with needing cash for bills and becoming a courier of pizza. That's great and all but did you know that orca have a special technique where they beach themselves in order to catch specific prey? It takes a lifetime of practice and skill in order to do it successfully, and even then only some orca are capable of pulling it off. These are the elite hunters amongst the apex predators, pizza delivery is much like these advanced orca techniques, willing to risk our lives in order to deliver this pizza, a task that only a few can truly accomplish.I really knead the dough

Online Order (Beta)

Currently online ordering is in alpha, but it does work. It may improve to have a cart and stuff in the future but it will require paying carrd even more money for variables which I don't want to do. Also I may be offline so that wont work if thats the case.

Pizza - 10,000 gil

Garlic Bread - 5,000 gil

Bubble Tea - 5,000 gil

Kid's Meal Combo - 20,000 gil
(Includes pizza + boba tea + garlic bread + toy)

Ratatouille (Pumpkin) - 10,000 GIL
I havent added it in to the buttons below, so just write it down if you want it.

Archon Burger - 10,000 GIL
I havent added it in to the buttons below, so just write it down if you want it.

Just chuck in your name and world in the first box and in the second the details of your location. Press some buttons to increment or decrement your order. It looks like complete ass and sometimes the button orders don't work, but whatever. Materia, Primal, Chaos and Crystal only!!!

0 Pizza

0 Garlic Bread

0 Bubble Tea

0 Kids meals

Total =

Pizza - 10,000 gil

Garlic Bread - 5,000 gil

Bubble Tea - 5,000 gil

Kid's Meal Combo - 20,000 gil


Currently its a bunch of boxes right now